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Complete 18" Shrinkwrap System
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Price: $349.95
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Prod. Code: PMS-20

Complete 18" shrinkwrap system, includes 21" sealing Wand, film carrier, teflon pad, cushioning pad, deluxe dual-temp heat gun and your choice of film. 

This is our most popular system. Great for general packaging, re-packaging, bundling (putting mutilple items into a single package).

Appropriate for wrapping groups of small items (9 CD's 6 DVD's, dozens of cookies and brownies, 16-25 bars of soap or 12 bath bombs at once) as well as larger  individual items, small gift baskets (typically, 12" high maximum*.) Gift Sets and Trays (Spa Kits, Aromatherapy Kits), matted prints and much, much more.

*International customers, (This includes Canada & Mexico) please take note: You will most likely be charged duty on delivery. This is collected by your government and has nothing to do with us or our carriers. DHL, our international carrier of choice, does not charge any brokerage fees, on top of the duty, unlike The Postal System, FedEx and UPS. Please check with your local revenue authorities to learn the costs associated with such a purchase.  

Biolefin™ 2.0 Biodegradeable Upgrade Only 

The Link above will substitute a 500' roll of Biolefin™ for the standard roll of film typically included with your system. Limit of ONE upgrade per system. Additional rolls available here

This is our most popular system with soapers. Wrap 16-20 bars in a single sealing session lasting less than 1 minute! Another 2-3 minutes to shrink them and you can expect to process 100 bars in about 25 minutes. Let us know what type of soap you are wrapping, and we'll be sure to include samples of the films you DID NOT choose, so you can see what options are available to you. This sytem is large enough to wrap gift sets, trays and small baskets. Add a loofah, some lip balm and lotion, (or candles) and create Spa and Aromatherapy Kits in just minutes!

Pawn & Loan Shops • Amazon FBA's & Resellers
This system is also our most popular with Pawn Shops and Amazon resellers. Your not certain from one day to the next just what you'll be wrapping...but this versatile system can do so much! Protect and preserve your inventory or bundle your products. Use 75 gauge PVC to wrap 6 DVD's in just one minute, at a cost of 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 cents each! Use 100 gauge Polyolefin for larger bundles, like videogame systems, and to protect valuable tool and socket sets from a theft of opportunity. Maximize the return on your cameras and accessories bundling components, parts and manuals together. Tired of losing cords, cables, connectors, manuals and other important parts to your pawned video game consoles? Bundle EVERYTHING together, along with some games you have extra copies of, to make value-added packs...that are good for you...and great for your customers.   

Confectioners & Chocolatiers
Unless you regularly wrap LARGE baskets, this is the right selection for you. Wrap small baskets, platters, trays and boxes quickly and easily. Use PVC for a glossy finish on your gifts and boxes, or, for direct food contact, use any of the polyolefins, or our special Soft Shrink Polyolefin which requires less heat to shrink down, and does not exert as much pressure on your items, so delicates, like ganache, or flimsy packages won't get smushed.

Our customers include Print Shops, Artists and Galleries, Hobby Shops, Toy Stores, Drug Stores Perfumers, Collector's Shops, Frozen Pizza Makers, Baked Goods, Liquor Stores, Manufacturers, Book Stores and so many more

To order this system WITHOUT a heat gun, enter coupon code RHG at checkout. $25 will be deducted from the price of your system.

To upgrade your sealing wand to 220V ($20 additional), click here. (Not applicable in the U.S.)

To upgrade the heat gun to 220V,  ($20 additional), click here. (Not applicable in the U.S.)



*Although you CAN "double" the film, to make a bag to wrap oversized items, please consider that if you merely want to wrap large rectangles (boxes, matted prints etc ) "doubling" the film is fine and will generally yield satisfactory results. If you plan on doing more than "the occasional" large basket,  however, you would be doing yourself a favor by getting some 100ga. PVC. Available separately and inexpensively, in short rolls, 24" wide, costing as little as 24.95 for enough film to do 40-60 baskets.