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Complete 30" Shrinkwrap System
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Prod. Code: FM-30

The FameMaster, a complete 30" shrinkwrap system, includes a 25" sealing wand*, film carrier, teflon pad, cushioning pad, deluxe dual-temp heat gun and your choice of film. 
This is where the grown-ups play. Appropriate for wrapping groups of larger items,  Gift & Gourmet-sized baskets (typically, 20-22" high, off the roll.) Gift Sets and Trays (Spa Kits, Aromatherapy Kits), larger matted prints (multiple prints!) and much, much more. 
This system most typically includes 100ga PVC, as it's the primary choice of our professional basketers doing large baskets. "Doubling" the film for oversized items (make a bag almost 6 FEET HIGH!!!) is both recommended and encouraged! You CAN use a smaller roll of film on a larger system, so if you want to pick up a second, smaller roll, (typically, 18-24" 75ga 500' ) you can use that roll for your smaller, lighter items, saving your heavy, wider film for when more appropriate. 
For basketing, and gift items, we recommend you select 100ga PVC. For constructing the largest, heaviest baskets, we now stock 30" 150ga tubular film, in short, easy-to-digest, 100' rolls. This film is designed to withstand a direct nuclear hit. OK, maybe that's a bit strong but so is this film. Go ahead, challenge UPS! This is as UPS-Proof as film can be!!!
For bundling items together, paper products, matted prints, food products, we recommend polyolefin. In all cases, we recommend you read the page on selecting film, here.

To order this system WITHOUT a heat gun, enter coupon code RHG at checkout.

To upgrade your system to 220V ($20 additional), click here.
(Not applicable in the U.S.)

To upgrade the heat gun to 220V,  ($20 additional), click here. (Not applicable in the U.S.)

*The 32" sealing wand was discontinued as it regularly proved to be too cumbersome and unwieldy for most customers. Cutting and sealing a piece of fim larger than your wand adds approximately 3-4 seconds to the time it takes to process a package or basket.  In fact, if you plan on regularly wrapping small items, i.e. soap, cookies, fudge and other baked goods, pretzels & candy and any small-ish items, we recommend you opt for the 20" sealing wand. 
Using a 20" wand adds only 3-4 seconds processing time for your large items and baskets, but it is much more maneuverable and precise, important if you plan on doing a good deal of precision wrapping, like the aforementioned soap, cookies etc. Enter coupon code 20W at checkout to select this system with a 20" wand. We'll take $10 off the price of the system.