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Product Listing > 14" 60ga. 4375' Biolefin 2.0 OXO-Biodegradeable Polyolefin
14" 60ga. 4375' Biolefin 2.0 OXO-Biodegradeable Polyolefin

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Price: $345.00
Prod. Code: SMF-143B6

14" 60ga. 4375' Biolefin™ 2.0, A custom-formulated oxo-biodegradeable polyolefin shrink film using Wells Plastics Reverte Technology (www.wellsplastics.com) creating a biodegradable film suitable for a wide range of applications. Puncture resistant, and easy to cut, featuring strong, durable seals and excellent shrinkage. FDA Approved for direct food contact; excellent choice for soap as it allows scent to pass through the film. Better protection for M&P bars. Also good for confections, baked goods, paper products, and many other items.   

Perforated version facilitates the shrinking process, allowing air to readily escape the package. Best choice for dairy-based soaps, paper products and other applications without freshness considerations, i.e., baked goods, confections, etc.

Storing in a cool, dark place will lengthen the shelf life of the film. Under typical circumstances, the process of bio-degradation begins approximately 18 months after application.