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SAVE $$$ On Residential Shipping

At National Shrinkwrap, we do whatever we can do to lower freight charges;bundling packages, combining items...whatever we can in the name of lowering the cost of the shipping.

When shipping to a residential address, all the major parcel carriers charge higher rates than they do for delivering commercial addresses. With businesses open during set hours, deliveries are more reliable and there are fewer re-delivery attempts.

Additionally, there is the scourge of "porch-pirates", who lurk about waiting to steal the packages sitting at your doorstep. 

So, with that in mind, when shipping (especially a system!) to a residence, we often require an indirect signature;you can sign a slip they leave on your door indicating that they can just leave the package there on the next delivery attempt, or that you will contact FedEx to make alternate delivery attempts.

If you decide that it's safe to just to leave the package there, that absolves us of any potential loss, as you have indicated you accept responsibility for the delivery being made that way.

After all...we DID ship it!

Unfortunately, that signature option adds an extra $4 to the cost of delivery, making a higher freight charge yet more expensive.

If we ship you a system, and it gets stolen after FedEx dutifully leaves it at your location...you don't want to hear from us "we shipped it...so we've no further obligation",...you rightfully want what you've paid for!

Now, FedEx can safely deliver your parcel to the nearest Walgreens, or FedEx Office (whichever is closer to your home) for you to pick up at your convenience.

It's safe, and more importantly, your shipping cost will reduce SIGNIFICANTLY!

Today, we got an order from a new customer in Ohio. The delivery charge normally would have been about $24.00. By shipping it to a Walgreens less than a mile from her home...the cost of the freight went down to $7.69!

Unfortunately, our website does not allow us to offer this option during the shipping selection process, so when placing your order, in the section that asks what you'll be wrapping or in the Special Instructions or Comments section of any item you order, indicate you would like to ship FedEx OnSite, and we'll help you save some cash!