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Hi Art!
We’d been having trouble with our shrink wrap system (not the wand system, our heat tunnel and that companies shrink wrap). We figured one of the problems was that it was perforated (which they’d talked us into)....
When we thought about the holes and the perforations, I figured I’d look on the site for non-perforated film, and the soft shrink suggestion stood out. 
Fast forward to today - I successfully cleared 4 trays of bath bombs with about 5 needing rewraps from I’m sure user error. I wanted to reach through the internet and give you a big fat hug. 

This soft shrink was basically the answers to our prayers, and it’s solved a lot of problems. 

Thank you so much! I’ll be buying more of this type just from you <3 

Alexis C of Whipped Up Wonderful

Hi there!  This is Tina A from Rustic Soaps in Ontario, Canada.  My shrinkwrap system arrived today.  I couldn’t believe how quickly it got here.  I had made a post on my Facebook business page announcing how Rustic Soaps would be switching over to Biolefin, but I didn’t realize how soon that would happen!  I was able to get all my bath bombs and my Father’s Day gift baskets shrink wrapped easily, quickly, and efficiently.  The system was so easy to use, even for a scaredy-cat like me.  Thank you so much.  I just wanted you to know how impressed I am.

Tina A, Rustic Soaps, Ontario

Art, just wanted to drop you a note to say I’m delighted with my new machine. I decided to shrink wrap a bunch of soap individually to preserve its fragrance for web orders between now and next fall. It was a piece of cake. Flew through a couple of hundred bars in hardly any time at all, and they look terrific. The system is exactly what I needed.

Landi Simone, Master Beekeeper, www.gooserockfarm.com

...thank you so much. It's great when a business takes the initiative to actually save their customers money instead of just keeping the savings and not saying anything, so thanks again.

The unit has been a great help since we received it and can't recommend it enough.

Adam, The Scent Lab, Australia

Aloha Art,

Happy Tuesday!!!
I received my system yesterday.  I LOVE IT!!!! I watched your videos on youtube and off I went.  What took me 2 hours for 2 loafs of cold process soap, took 20 minutes.  The 75ga works beautifully!
Thank you again,

Rhondalee S., Hawaiian soapmaker

Comments:: Hi there!
I am sitting in my living room and looking at my order, sitting in my foyer.
The thing is, I ordered this yesterday.
And I live in CANADA.
Somehow you managed to ship this the same day you received my order, and then get it across the border and to me in less than 24 hours.
Your customer service is simply impeccable. Thank you!

Jill, L, Soaper, Brantford ON

Where have you been all my life???  This system is saving me so much time and energy, not to mention shrink film waste from not being able to find bags the correct size. Thank you thank you thank you.  I love that it is a complete system and comes ready to use.  I didn’t have to find or buy any extra pieces, I just roll it out onto my workbench and get to work. Awesome. 

Sasha K, Sasha's Hand Poured

I really love your shrink wrap system. So easy to use right out of the box. Your informational videos are greatly appreciated with so many tips and tricks. I started out with just glycerin soaps, now I have graduated into cold process soaps. With your tips shrink wrapping both are easily done. Keep up the good work. There are so many of us out there and your system has made it easier for us to present our products in a professional manner. 

Lee W, Hearts And Scents Soap Co.

Thanks for the quick response. Actually wrote in my journal under 'wins for the week': "Shrink Wrap - works well - Good Investment!!!" 

Clint D., Zendarb

 I AM SO IN LOVE WITH MY SHRINKWRAP!!!! Oh my goodness. Insane fast delivery... the first time worked like a charm. I watched the bath bomb video on youtube and it was EXACTLY step by step and they turned out 100% perfect. I'm so in love I want to cuddle it! Also, the biodegradable film is the bees knees! Couldn't ask for a better product. Customer for life!

Stephanie, Fizzy Fizzy

I just received my shrink wrap machine and it's so beautiful I almost cried.  Thank you!

Not the tenor of our usual feedback...but we'll take it! - Art

Jessie N, Newport Naturals

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SUCH AN AMAZING PRODUCT! We were referred to your company by a couple of fellow soapmakers and I couldnt have been happier with your shrinkwrap system ! It is an amazing piece of equipment and is so worth the investment! Thank you! 

Maragarita, Golden Sapphire

Thank you so much for talking to me yesterday 8/7/17 I cant believe how fast you ship received my system in less that 24 hrs WOW.  I have seen so many videos on this system I had it set up and using it in minutes, wish I got it months ago. Also glad  you suggested the 18 inch I'm glad I got it  its perfect for what I do. Thank You 

Janet D, Southington, CT

Wow, I have to say I've never had such an extensive educational response to buying soaping equipment (or anything else for that matter)! 
Thank you so much for the information and we're looking forward to watching the videos...I have to say one of the main reasons we decided to purchase your product was the glowing reviews we read everywhere. From equipment to  customer service, your company is a consistent winner!

Sherry C, Middlesprings Soap

Hi Art,


I read everything and watched the DVD. The possibilities of your shrinkwrap machines really are endless! The DVD only scratches the surface. I have so many ideas now.

All the equipment got to me in one piece and quickly, considering you are on the other side of the planet. I couldn't believe it when it arrived. I raced out and got a power adapter plug and it works perfectly.

After a little experimenting and practicing, I have successfully shrunk and heat wrapped 3 loaves of melt and pour soap with little trouble and even less effort, all within a few days. I'm like a kid in a candy store.

Keep up the good work. Your shrinkwrap system really is the best. I can't thank you and your team enough. I hope you find distribution channels in Australia soon. Thank you again,

Rebecca G, Soaper, Australia


Thank you for all of the help already.  I appreciate the fact that you looked over the order prior to shipping and noticed I may have ordered the wrong wrap ... Great customer service!  

Living in a small town in Washington, we've had our fair share of poor customer service.  It's nice to deal with a company and people that care. 


All the best!

David & Tina Armenta, Soapers, Washington State

I wish I bought this 5 years ago!

Trish Herndon, Pink Parchment Soaps

I wanted to say THANK YOU! I am just starting out in confections and I tested the shrink wrap and wand today on a few boxes, STELLAR!  Thanks again for all your details, and having all the information readily available....Honestly what a great system, easy to learn, simply need to tweak my skills slightly which I know comes with time. 

Dave Romesburg, hGrace Confections

I just have to say THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

I absolutely LOVE my new Shrinkwrap System.

Wow! It is just so unique and perfect and super EASY, QUICK and EFFICIENT.

Such a great product..... and the DVD is just so thorough and helpful.

Thank you again so much for all your help and great service plus I am so excited to offer my custormers Eco-friendly biodegradeable wrapping. Fantastic! Brilliant!!

Have a great day,

Warm regards,

Anna Canino:)

Anna Canino, Soaper from Australia

The shrink wrap system arrived today, everything is in perfect order.  I am amazed at how fast the system arrived and how well it was packaged.  I have already set up and shrink wrapped some product to test it out.  I have zero shrink wrap experience and even my very first bar of soap looks like a professional did it.  Thank you for making this purchase so easy, we will definitely be recommending you for both your customer service and quality product!

Curt Anselment, Bath House Basics Handcrafted Soaps

Hello Art,

I would like to tell you, that the shrink wrap from your company is absolutely fantastic. I work with it almost every day and I am very satisfied. Thank you very much. 

I send you link to my facebook, where I place my story about packaging of soap. I write there about you and about your company. I know it´s in Czech language, but trust me, I write there about you in positive.

I try to translate the last few sentences about you and your company.

"I tried to find some way of soap packaging. In my search I found the amazing American company dealing with wrapping things. I wrote there and met with fantastic owner of company Art Marko. He described me everything about wrapping of soap, helped me with the choosing of material. And now I have my soap wrapped in packaging film (which is also good for food). The soap can breathe and also smell through the film very nice."

I wish you a lot of satisfied customers.

Have a nice day


Michaela Vaneckova

Received my system last night and have wrapped over 160 CP soap already. Your product is great and worth every penny. I will need to be  ordering film much sooner than I thought at this rate. I was amazed at how your video hits the nail on the head when it comes to CP soap....

Michael E Glennon

This weekend I received the shrink wrap system I ordered, with the perforated biolefin wrap.  I wanted to take a moment to give a little feedback on the system.
The system was very easy to set up, especially with the instructions provided.  The DVD was incredibly helpful in using the system, and I found the learning curve to be basically non existent.  Within five minutes I was able to wrap my soaps quickly and easily.
The wand system creates excellent seals, and I haven't had a single busted seam after wrapping around 150 bars...The perforated biolefin itself makes a very attractive package, and I was surprised at just how strong it actually was, and the perforation allows the fragrance of my soaps (which is fairly mild by design) to come through.
All in all, I'm very satisfied with this system.  I'm finding it to be incredibly efficient and cost effective as a method of packaging.  It is surprisingly compact, and can be stored in a fairly small place, which is excellent as my workspace is in my (very small) apartment.
Thanks again, just wanted to give you my impression of your machine.  I certainly consider it money well spent.
Have a great week,
J.D. Goss
Livin' Legend Soap Company

J.D. Goss

I just wanted to say thank you. I received my shrink wrap system today. I absolutely love it! My husband was not all that enthused about me spending the money but now that he has seen it work, he is a fan as well. The customer service is outstanding as well! I am more than happy with my transaction! Thanks again!

Tonya Coyne, Ulster PA

I have my shrink machine! And I have used it. And I like it alot! I did as I was told and watched the DVD a few times, and have been wrapping everything that doesn't move! It takes practise, but I am really pleased with the results, very professional looking. Brilliant, really pleased I decided to splurge! Always a bit nerve wracking buying things from overseas, so thanks for all your friendly help and advice, it made a difference to the whole process. Cheers


I received the replacement wand today....less than 24 hours after I spoke with you. WOW!!!

I have to tell you that the only thing I love more than your shrink wrap system, is your customer service. You people are absolutely AWESOME. I looked at many systems, and even though there were a few that were a tiny bit less expensive, yours was the most versatile and covered all my wrapping needs with one system. What I didn't realize was how FAST you were going to be with shipments, and how helpful you were going to be with questions and challenges that would confront me. Thank You so much.

When people comment on how beautifully wrapped my soaps are, I tell them all the credit goes to you, 'cause all I do is hold the wand ... you are the one  that creates the magic!

Rick Spina, Beverly Farms Soapwerks, LLC

Bula Art,
I cleared both parcels through Fiji Customs yesterday. All is  A-OK. Thank you very much for your assistance. My son and I have been shrink wrapping everything in sight from soaps, 90ml/500ml/1000ml bottles, trays of food, loaves of smoked fish. Nothing is safe from the "mad shrink-wrappers"!!
This tool will make a big improvement in packaging products for our family business.
I will pass the word to business associates, here in Fiji. It may result in further orders. Thanks again.

Terry Mandan, Biopasifika

 I just wanted to send you guys a message about how happy I've been with the system I bought last month. I even wrote a blog post about it! ;) http://www.amathiasoapworks.com/2011/08/04/soap-packaging-shrink/ 

Kendra Cole, Amathia Soapworks

Hi Art,

I just wanted to let you know how things are going since your system arrived at my doorstep.  The very same day I wrapped several differant sizes and styles of cp soap and it was a dream.  You were right to suggest moving up a size because I now have other ideas on what this system can do for me and my business.  A big thanks to you!

Helene Ennor, Bear Gulch Soap

Just got my shrink wrapping system today and it works great! Thanks so much. I'm really glad I went with the free wand system, my boxes look awesome.

Teddy - About Face Media

Thanks Art. You have great customer service. Much appreciated! Best of luck to you to. -Grant (aka ScissorBoy) Online TV Series for Hairstylists

-Grant (aka ScissorBoy) Online TV Series for Hairstylists

Hello Art!

I just wanted to let you know how things are going with your system!
I tried it for the first time today. I have 170 CP soap to shrinkwrap and to label.
After watching your videos and a few errors and trials, the system works like a chram ! I have been able to seals 24 soaps at the same time ! Wow!
The only thing is the heat gun. I still not used to it but I`m getting the hang of it !
At first, I was skeptic regarding the scent through plastic but after a few hours, I can definitly smell my soap though the shrinkwrap ! A big Thank you !

Claude Gagne, Savons Sekken Inc.

I just LOVE the shrinkwrap machine we bought at Mary Kay Seminar 2009. So easy to use and I've gotten the hang of it. Love the toppers too You've thought of it all. THANK YOU! 

Susan Arms, Mary Kay Consultant

Hi! I have just LOVED MY SHRINK WRAP SYSTEM I got from you last year! It has worked well, and my soap looks so much more professional.... I am totally impressed with your Customer Service. You are to be commended. I almost feel like I should be selling Shrink Wrap Systems instead of soap!

Alison Morgan, Camp Wood TX

Yes it takes practice to shrink soaps. But I shrink everything that goes on a shelf and people could get into. I shrink my lotion bottles, my lip balms, my bath bombs, you name it. It depends on how many items I have to shrink, but with lotion bottles, I usually do rows of 2 and only shrink about 6-8 at a time. Still beats the impulse way.... (on buying an additional 20" wand) I will still be using my 25 inch, and still love it! I actually think you should advise them to get two sizes LOL.... after I got my system, and learned how to use it... I thought OMIGosh, I wonder if they need someone to demo these to show what can be done with it... I loved it that much. I don't know where I'd ever fit that into my schedule, but it was exciting to be able to wrap ALL of my stock in a very short time. No more people opening up and getting into my full sized products ... no one even tries anymore...Once I learned to use the wand, there was no limit to what I could do, and I was literally trying to shrink everything. I've made bags for products with hangtags on them I've used it to make product sleeves, I have made packages for incense with it... you name it, if you need a clear bag to package something, or just need to give something a finished look.... this is it. Please feel free to use anything I say about your sealing wands in your feedback. I could honestly talk all day about the benefits of using them.

Dianne, Camano Soapworks LLC

We recently purchased a Shrink Wrap system from you for our soap-making business. I just wanted to let you know that your product is excellent and easy-to-use. Your product has enabled us to provide our customers with a much more professional-looking product. I don't know, now, what we'd do without it!

Erin & Steve Whalen

Our super duper shrink wrapping machine errr -- sorry, shrink wrapping"system" shows up today. We watch you shrink wrap up all sorts of stuff on the spiffy DVD and then we head out to try it ourselves... Ya know what? We're like shrink wrappin' fools down here! We're shrink wrappin' crap that doesn't even need to be shrink wrapped! It's so Frik-n-Frak-n-easy that even I can becoe a shrink wrapping expert in no time! I might not ever be the Grand Poopah of shrink wrapping like you are - but, heck! I'm pretty darn good! (And so modest, too!)

Bo, Frik-n-Frak.com

You can definately quote me on my comments. I just love this thing! I wrapped 120 tarts in less than an hour and that was my first time using it...

Kim Kolpin

We are, indeed, loving the system and I was joking yesterday that I've shrink wrapped any thing that will stand still long enough. Our daughter has even found her markers individually wrapped.

Laura Godwin, Mama Laura's Chocolates

My new 'Honey, I shrunk the ... .' came yesterday and I'm in love! I wrapped 40 soap bars last night in the time it has been taking to wrap about 3 bars! Thank you for improving my business, saving wear and tear on me, and for improving the looks of our product. Your, "Honey, I shrunk ... , is terrific. ... I found the DVD and felt like I learned many short-cuts that will improve our products. Thank you so much.

Pat Allen, SleepingDogRanch.Com

...we rec'd. package yesterday, and went right to work with it. Man I'll tell ya, that this should be called packaging for dummies, because I look like I have been doing it for years! The film choice was excellent....I took fresh wrap packages of our candy cardinalconfections.net to my Rotary breakfast this morning, and the girls there really liked the improvement in the packaging,

Paul & Missy, cardinalconfections.net

I Use That system for my M&P creations As Well As My Milk Chocolate creations. The system comes with a wonderful tutorial & his customer service is GREAT. The Best Tip is to make sure you heat gun is heated before shrinking & to use quick sweeping passes.

Wilma Culp, scentsandnonscents

When I got mine, I got it all set up and read the directions, and then called Art, and he walked me through it. By the end of the night, I was successfully wrapping rows of soaps. If you're willing to take the time to watch the video, read the directions, and do a little practice, I think you'll find it to be a quick way to package your soaps. I am still thrilled with mine, and am glad I made the purchase. I was so happy with it that I wrote a review on it for The Saponifier. I've also now used it for gift boxes and baskets, and it makes for a well-protected, professional product. Besides that, if you buy it from Art, you'll get personal service and trouble-shooting if you need it. :-)

Beth, www.soapandgarden.com

...I have Art's shrink wrap system and love it. It took me awhile to get used to handling the wand,etc., but in no time I was sealing 36 bars at once and heat shrinking them in minutes.

Pam-in Maine, www.oldworldsoaps.com

We have been using the shrink wrap system from Art for all of our soaps for 2 years now. It did take me a little time to get good (and fast) at it. The girls that work for me were quicker to pick it up. The video is great. Whenever I have a new employee start (most of my embployees are high school girls). They spend days just shrink wrapping soaps until they get it. It doesn't take too long and our soaps look great and stay looking that way longer in the stores. We could never do without this system.

Jann, Round Top Natural Soap, www.roundtopsoap.com

Hi Art,

...Last year I purchased a shrink wrap system ( The best investment I could have made)....

Chantise H, soapmaker