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On this site, you'll find a wealth of information on shrink wrapping your products....especially if you're wrapping DVD's, CD's, soaps, cookies and other small items, or if you plan on Gift Basketing. Pawn Shops! Wrap your video consoles on intake...no more lost cords, manuals and parts! Amazon FBA's...securely package your items before shipping...create whatever-sized bag you need...on the fly! Puzzle-makers, bakers, artists, photographers, book sellers, weed shops...the list is endless.


There are videos on how to wrap Gift Baskets and videos that show how to wrap soap efficiently...all demos that don't require downloads. There are also discussions of film and equipment, designed to help you make the right choices to maximize your output, and minimize your costs and efforts. 

In any case, we guarantee you can't find a more productive, cost-effective system anywhere near this price range. Even if you don't purchase your system here, you can learn about the types of machinery and film available to you, and pick up some valuable production techniques as well. Please feel free to call 732-942-4554 with any questions. We're here to help. If you'd like to jump right to videos that show exactly how our system works, please click here.

At National Shrinkwrap, we DO NOT import our shrinkwrap systems from overseas, slap our name on them and sell them as our own. We custom manufacture and assemble each and every one of our systems.

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Our systems are designed to last forever (your mileage may vary!) and deliver maximum performance in a manual system...at a fair and reasonable price. We give free service and technical support to current customers and offer numerous inexpensive upgrade options for those of our customers whose needs evolve. We also sell a variety of film for your shrink systems, such as films that allow scent to pass through and films that allow your products to "breathe", films that won't smush your delicate constructs, baked goods and crafts. Our return policy is clear and simple...30 day money-back guarantee on virtually everything with a 15% restocking fee...and our freight policy is to charge just what the freight costs....shipping is NOT a revenue stream.  Your one-year warranty includes parts, service and return shipping, if necessary. Any film purchase within 1 year of the original purchase date, renews your warranty for another 2 years from that date. Please contact returns@nationalshrinkwrap.com









60 gauge, Perforated or Standard

   New & Faster Acting! Biodegradation process begins after suitable discard
in a landfill, and completes in 2-3 years.

Biolefin™ will NOT degrade on product sitting on shelves!

500' and Full 4375' Rolls - Puncture Resistant & Scent-able 
Included free with each roll...labels for "Shelf-Talkers" and other signage;
    ("Our Products Are Wrapped With Biolefin™ Oxo-Biodegradeable Film")  As well as 5/8" circular labels for marking individual items

(labels not permitted for use in MI,MD and CA who do not permit individually
shrink-packaged items to labelled as biodegradable)

The Holy Grail of shrinkwrapping has been a biodegradeable shrinkfilm. We are very pleased to announce the availablity of BIOLEFIN 2.0...a food-grade, acid-free, oxo-biodegradeable shrink film with all the properties of our most popular film for wrapping soaps, candles, books, paper products, artwork and almost any other product.

USFDA approved for direct food contact, this is the perfect packaging option for your natural and organic cookies, pies, pastries and other baked goods.

Biolefin film shrinks ultra clear, and is currently available in 14 and 18 inch widths, perforated or not, and allows the scent of your product to permeate the film, all the while offering the puncture resistance, clarity and strength you expect...while addressing the environmental concerns of you and your customers. 

Biolefin is currently available for online-ordering and MAY BE INCLUDED IN WITH ANY NEW SYSTEM for an upcharge.Click here for a data sheet with more details about this revolutionary product.

Biolefin;Protecting your product, your customers, your world.


We also carry Laminators and pouches.  We have several different laminators to offer, from personal use to commercial grade.  We offer a very wide range of pouches;luggage tags, Military ID, Business Card, Credit Card and 100 packs of letter sized pouches from as low as $15.95


We also offer a complete line of impulse sealers starting at only 39.95. Hand models, table models and floor models with foot pedals.

Call for details


We offer a commercial-sized packages of glue dots as well as other  basketing supplies. Click here to order