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Traditional Soap Making

Old-school soapmaking tips and related links, courtesy Cindy Powell's Girl Scout Troop. Thanks, ladies!

P J Soaps

If Leonardo DaVinci was a soaper,  his bars would look like these. Beautiful site...beautiful soap. A beacon for M&P soapers....see what's possible...if you can believe your eyes.

Soap & Garden

Defining the synergy between soaping and gardening. Beautiful petal and leaf soaps, and some gorgeous garden items that could be utilized as gift (basket) bases by those with vision. One of our muses.


One-stop shopping for all your production needs. Designing and developing soap making equipment since 1996, they've successfully served the handcrafted industry to over 63 Countries and 1,400 Cities. Incredible selection, great prices, responsive customer service. 

Shay and Company

Oils, butters, bases, soaps... Bill Shay provides palm oil, coconut oil, palm kernel and other oil supplies to the food industry as well as the cooking industry. Look here for your specialty oils.

Hand Crafted Soapmaker Guild

The only international non-profit trade association promoting the benefits of handcrafted soaps and giving a voice to the handcrafted soapmaker. Valuable resource for soapers worldwide.