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Corn Based Film

Nov 1, 2007

We've been asked about this natural film for months
now...and we finally have a sampkle on the way in for
We read in the trades that the problem with the corn based
films, so far, has been an issue of clarity. That's why,
the only successful application, so far, has been with the
pre-printed plastic sleeves, like the ones you'd find
wrapped around a bottle of sports drink. The other downside
is the price....roughly double that of regular film.
To soapers, this means your bars will cost between 1 and 2
cents ea., as opposed to half of that. As soon as we get
our samples, we'll be submitting them to our team of
soap-testers for additional evaluation, in terms of
"scentage" (ok, we MADE that word up...but you know what we
mean) and the effects of moisture form both within and
without the package, on your gloopier M&P's. Can't wait!