See It Work!
How to wrap multiple items, soaps and Gift Baskets

The following videos feature our 20" sealing wand. What you typically plan on wrapping determines which size  is best for your application.  Systems come in 8". 14", 18" 24" & 30" functional widths. (Other 24" systems can only utitlize 22" film!) Though the size may vary, the techniques remain the same.

Wrapping Soap with Ariane Arsenault

Ariane, from Northwest Canada, shows us how she uses our system.


Wrapping Multiple Items in a single session.

Wrapping small packages in multiples is easy with a wand-based system that's not attached to a base. To wrap 9 CD's, we only need 7 seals, as opposed to the 18 seals a fixed-arm unit (I-Bar) requires.

Wrapping soap with a wand-based system. Do 16-20 bars in a single session.

Using our wand sealer, you can wrap 16-20 bars of soap in under a minute! Unlike PVC Shrink Bags, we can wrap our soap in film that allows the scent to come through. Check out our special page for Soapers, for a complete discussion of the types of film, and how they will work with your M&P and cold-process soaps.

Wrapping Bath Bombs

So many of our customers are using the system to wrap bath bombs, we thought it was time to address the process and show you the easiest way to defuse (see what we did there?) the situation.



Amazon FBA's, Wholesalers, Distributors, Pawn Brokers, Estate Sales professionals use the system to wrap virtually anything. You don't need to stock 5 sizes of plastic bags as this system will wrap virtually anything...and leave it better looking, to boot.

Our good friend and client, Gary Newton, of Peerless Estate Sales, shows how versatile this system is

Wrapping Over-sized Items

FBA's (Fulfilled By Amazon), Estate Sales Professionals, Pawn Shops and for anyone who occasionally needs to wrap an oversized item...with just a few moments of extra effort, you can wrap items too large to fit "in" your roll of film

Wrapping Gift Baskets takes but ONE MINUTE with a wand-based shrink system.


Belinda will show you how quick and easy it is to wrap Gift ONE MINUTE!


Love the look of cello? You know, where there's a spray of film coming off the top of your basket? Hate how it hides the contents of your basket behind those thick, curtain-like folds? Wrap your baskets with a spray or  swoosh of film coming off the top...easily, quickly...and CLEARLY!!!! Belinda will show you how.

This video illustrates how to wrap a basket with a spray of film coming off the top. can find a nice assortment of the basket toppers Belinda refers to in the video, right here